Straw Hats, Bucket Hats, Visors Hats

One of the most beloved yet excruciating seasons is summer. With the glorious sun out to play, it is often easy for people of all ages to suffer from sunburn and an unbearable amount of heat. Since everyone has a unique sense of style, it only makes sense to stock up on branded unique hats. At Cubic Promote, we offer a variety including visors, bucket hats, as well as straw hats.

Promotional Straw Hats

Promotional Straw Hats

A straw hat is a stylized (breamed) hat usually woven from straw. These breamed creations can be expensive especially when bought for promotional purposes. In such cases, you can always opt for the much affordable synthetic or plant material that is designed to mirror straw.

Personalised Bucket Hats

Promotional Bucket Hats

Present day Australian preschoolers, as well as primary and high school students find that a hat is part of their uniform. Bucket hats are the most popular and mainstream hats that can be bought and personalized with a school logo to promote uniformity. Cubic Promote offers a wide range covering sports to safaris and made out of different materials.

Branded Sports Visors

Promotional Visors

The current group of ‘cool kids’ do not subscribe to the norm of the standard sun hats. In many occasions, traditional hats are overlooked and left in preference for seemingly unconventional headwear. Visors are the number one choice. This piece of headgear features a front peak that can be used as a shield from the sun. The pic is attached to a padded headband that is circular. Visors are usually very affordable and made up of less material compared to traditional hats. We offer variety made out of different material and in different shades.

Headwear for the Aussie Summer

Headwear is something that most people take as an accessory. To make them more effective, hats must be stylish and desirable. At Cubic Promote we understand the concept and we are always ready to customize your order and give you advice based on your brief.