Can you believe we're already into the third month of 2020? If you've been thinking about getting customised headwear for your upcoming event or campaign then now is the time to grab some caps your recipients will love. To make things a bit easier for you, we've put together our top-sellers so far in 2020. Invest in the promotional headwear everyone is talking about with Discount Promotional Caps Australia today!

Branded Snapback Flat Caps

Snapback caps provide a modern streetwear look while still boasting durable American twill fabric, sure to last for years with proper care. The flat peak features a gold foil sticker, to complete the retail look, and the colour combinations will suit most corporate brands. We've noticed a lot of these caps being picked up by businesses and events wanting headwear for their staff that still looks funky and fresh. Your logo will look incredible once we embroider it onto the front, don't you think?

Custom Branded Mesh Caps

Our branded mesh caps are popular no matter the time of year and it's easy to see why. Lightweight, boasting a variety of colour combinations, and affordable to boot, these caps are the ultimate promotional product for large-scale events. Because these hats have mesh sides and back panels, they help keep the wearer cool -- making them a good choice for anyone working in hot Aussie temperatures. We can print your logo on the front too which will ensure your event or campaign remains memorable for months and years to come.

Promotional Caps Made from Hemp

Finally, our top-selling eco-friendly cap option at the moment, these caps are manufactured from a combination of cotton (for natural elasticity), polyester (for looks), and majority hemp (for strength). Hemp is a soft natural textile but it is also extremely durable, which makes it the perfect choice for headwear. If you're looking for a cap that is made from 95% natural materials that will also look incredible with your logo branding, you can't beat our range of hemp caps here at Discount Promotional Caps!