We love our sports in Australia. The trouble is, we live in a very sunny country. This can lead to excessive glare, affecting the precision and accuracy of your players. Worse, it can mean being on the receiving end of too much solar radiation – and too much sun can lead to sunburn, skin cancer and cataracts. A cap won't solve all of those problems, but along with sunscreen, sunglasses and appropriate clothing, a good cap can play a critical role in minimising the harm.

Sun-safe in Style

But sporting caps are not just effective protection from the elements. A quality uniform cap can encourage team spirit amongst your team and project a positive appearance to the public. Best of all, a team cap can be customised. Start by looking for a hat in your team's colours and then add your logo. The result will be an eye-catching piece of clothing that will make your team stand out from the others.

Whatever the Sport

There are a wide variety of sports that can benefit from the use of caps and hats among participants. Cricket, tennis, baseball, bowls, badminton, walking, hiking, golf, sailing, croquet, motor racing -- the list is almost endless. In just about any non-contact sport, caps can keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face – with style. Even violent sports like Rugby can benefit from the use of headbands.

Find the right Cap

All of these sports bring with them particular demands of style. The configuration the cap may be determined the nature of the game, or tradition may mandate it. 

A tennis visor, for example, is crownless and lined with terry cloth. This design minimises weight while maximising protection and also keeping sweat out of the player's eyes. In bowls, speed is less of an issue, and so a more protective full-brimmed construction is possible. There is a huge range of caps and hats available, so chose the one that's right for your sport.