We decorate our beanies in a variety of ways. This depends on the material and style of design you are looking for. Here are a few of the most common ways that we decorate our custom beanies.

Embroidery Decoration

Embroidery on beanies is the most common way of decorating our beanies. This method of stitching creates great styles on the beanie. Additionally, since it is interwoven it will not wear as easily as other decoration methods. Embroidery will also give a cosy feeling to your beanie. Get your beanie emblazoned with embroidery stitching today!

Printing on Certain Materials

For more detailed designs, it is possible to screen print on beanies. However, this is only accessible on certain materials. This process involves transferring ink on to the beanie. This creates a detailed and full-colour design but over time will be subject to wear and tear. If you have a detailed design this may be the best method for you.

Badges for Sport Teams

Since beanies are also used during winter sports, we can emblazon the beanies with a badge for your sports team. This will add great promotion for your team as well uniformity. It would be fantastic to see all the player wearing the same beanie and promoting your brand. This would literally be a mobile form of marketing!