In the course of the last twenty years, there's been a revolution in safety. Risks that were once considered acceptable parts of daily work life have been abandoned in the name of safety. Some of the methods used to create safer work environments have attracted controversy or criticism. But there's one simple, inexpensive way of reducing the risk of injury that has been almost universally praised since it's introduction – fluorescent hi-vis clothing.

A Strange History

Fluorescent dyes have an extraordinary history. They were first invented in the 1930s by American industrialist and stage magician Bob Switzer, who used them for such diverse purposes as locating tiny fractures in industrial machine parts, and as an element of a stage illusion in which a dancer's head vanishes. But the most common use of these dyes -- safety -- came into use during WWII, when fluorescent materials were used to protect Allied ground troops from being mistakenly bombed by their own planes.

Visibility and Safety

Hi-vis products have been adopted by many industries – delivery people, police officers and security guards, road-workers – even school teachers. Anywhere someone has to visibly stand out, hi-vis shirts, vests and caps are in use. They're not just for people at work either -- cyclists, joggers and vulnerable other road-users all use hi-vis garments, and all with the same thought in mind – "Be safe. Be seen".

Branded High Visibility Caps

Branded hi-vis caps have two primary uses. Firstly, they're great safety equipment. If you have employees/volunteers/students who spend a lot of time in or near traffic, then they’re a must have. Combined with a hi-vis vest or shirt, these caps help make your people easy to see, and therefore difficult to run over.

Another significant use for hi-vis caps is that they make it easy to spot someone when needed – even in busy or crowded situations. This makes them indispensable tool for security staff, tour guides, information staff, event marshals and first aid officers. Anyone who might need to be picked out of a crowd, fast, will benefit from hi-vis headgear.

Hi-vis caps are designed to be seen, and so in addition to their safety function, they're a great place to put your message. With the correct printing, badging or embroidery, everyone will see that your organisation is one that puts safety first.