A great advantage of using custom branded items as part of your promotion is that they can be tailored and targeted at a specific audience. For example, a golf course might hand out printed golf balls ensuring that the advertising budget is not being wasted getting a message to non-golfers. The flipside of this precision is that sometimes your message becomes too tightly targeted, and people with a peripheral interest in your organisation or product might miss your message.

Branded hats are a great way to bridge that gap. By selecting a style of hat to appeal to your primary market, you ensure that your clients and customers will be wearing your message and taking it to your secondary market wherever they go. To continue the golf course example, the golf balls will be seen mostly by regular golfers, but branded golf hats will be seen by regular golfers, casual golfers as well as people who may not yet be golfers but who have been considering taking it up.

As a Giveaway

There is an extremely wide range of customisable caps and hats available, so it is easy to find some inexpensive enough to fit your budget as giveaway items. Whether handing them out for free or including them as a premium in purchases of a certain value, there's nothing that makes a customer feel valued as a quality hat.

For Sales

A way to offset the cost of promotional caps -- or even to turn a profit from them -- is to sell them. Charities, in particular, can benefit from selling branded caps at a markup. This advertises your charity, allows your donors to publicly display their support for the work you do and spreads the word about your organisation. 

Clubs, teams, community groups and societies will also find that many members are willing to pay for promotional hats either at cost or a small markup.