So, what exactly is a “snapback”?  A snapback is a term used to refer to the specialised fastening on the back of baseball caps, that allows the cap to become a ‘one size fits all’ item of clothing. This flexibility has made it a strong favourite for businesses and teams alike because it’s not only useful but versatile and inclusive as it appeals to a broad range of ages and is not gender specific. A significant benefit for those events or promotional giveaways as they fit anyone comfortably!

Adjust to your Size

The straps themselves can vary in style, from the classic plastic notched variety to cotton with a Velcro clasp, denim with small buckles, or even ribbon to give extra personality and flair. Strapback promotional caps come in a variety of styles and colours, allowing us to match it perfectly with your design or even in your company colours.

Wide Flat Brim

Since they were initially styled like a baseball cap, typically they feature a flat brim which is not only functional to protect your eyes and face from the sun but can also double as a bold display for your branding. The cap itself is usually made of 6 individual panels that give the hat a sturdier feel and plenty of space for your logo to be classically emblazoned on the front above the peak, on the side or even above your snapback strap!

Why You Should Consider Them

The Snapback cap, is one of the most popular styles of caps available on the market today. If you require a cap for events, then this is the one to choose from. A modern comfortable cap that will go well with a variety of outfits or uniforms.