Custom branded headgear is a great way to show your brand while connecting with clients, customers and staff. Caps are probably the most visible part of an employee's uniform. Requiring less regular washing than most uniform elements and never needing to be ironed, uniform hats do a lot of good, without adding significantly to the workload of your employees, volunteers or students.

Work Uniform Caps

The most obvious use of uniform caps in the workplace is to place your brand on the front or sides and make them part of the uniform of front-facing staff. But there's more. Branded hi-vis caps for people working in traffic, branded sun hats for employees who work outdoors and branded wool caps for employees who work in the cold -- all these things perform double duty, helping protect your customers and staff while also making your brand visible.

School Uniform Caps

As the public becomes more aware of the dangers of skin cancer, a growing number of schools have hats as part of their uniform. One popular design is a full-brimmed cloth hat with a chinstrap to prevent loss in the wind. Heavyweight fabric construction means durability for active kids, in a form that can be folded up in a schoolbag when not in use. This configuration allows for a hat in the school colours and gives room for a school crest or logo to appear on the front of the crown. Students can show off their school pride, wherever they go.

Volunteer Uniform Caps

Customised caps are great ways to make your volunteer staff easy to identify at functions and in fundraising activities. Buying in a range of colours can help differentiate your volunteer staff -- information, security, first aid teams can all have their distinctive hats. If your charity is ecology-related, your volunteers might spend a lot of time outdoors. Branded broad-brimmed sun hats are a good way to protect them from the sun while drawing attention to your organisation.