What Are 3D Embroidered Caps?

3D EmbroideryThree dimensional embroidery is a type of decoration that we perform on our range of caps. This type of embroidery creates a beautiful custom branding decoration utilizing thread.

How is Three Dimensional Embroidery Done?

3D Embroidered Caps are made in much the same way as standard embroidered hats and caps. The key difference with this process is that here multiple layers of thread are embroidered, building up a thick layer of embroidered material. Your custom design will burst out the plane of the cap's surface, making for a more memorable, visible image. This effect is quite stunning and well worth the investment. 

Fast, Effective 3D Embroidery

3D embroidery is not a new idea, but building up the many layers of thread used to be an extremely time-consuming process. Now it can be achieved quickly and inexpensively, making for a practical way to make your brand extra-visible on a cap or hat.

Embroider In Colour

With a whole spectrum of coloured threads to choose from, your design will lift off the surface for improved brand visibility. With a fast two-week turnaround and Australia-wide delivery, we can have 3D embroidered caps with your design delivered to your door before you know it.