What is the Difference between Structured and Unstructured Caps?

Most caps are made of a number of triangular fabric panels that meet at the centre, at the very crown of the head. However, there are some differences between them. The first of these is the number of panels used -- usually between three and six. The second is whether these panels are made of a stiff fabric or a soft fabric. Caps made with stiff fabric are called 'structured' caps, because they can hold their basic shape even if not being worn. Unstructured caps are softer, and fall flat when not in use.

Structured caps generally offer more branding area, and because of their lack of flexibility printed branding tends to last longer than on unstructured caps. On the other hand, unstructured caps are more comfortable for most people to wear, and their flat shape makes them easier to pack and store. It all really comes to what you want in a hat, and how you see your branded caps fitting into your promotional plans.