Different Types of Promotional Caps

Investing in promotional caps for your brand is a great idea for a number of reasons. Not only are they useful for your audience in providing sun protection, their high visibility gives your logo and company name a wide exposure. With the right design, they have the potential to be a stylish reflection of your brand’s image which appeals to both your staff and clientele. But there is a diverse range of cap styles. How do you decide which type of cap is the right fit for your company? Well hopefully this overview on the types of available caps may assist you.

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are your classic style of cap. Harking back to the baseball players who originally wore them, these caps are tight fitting, with six cotton panels and a back strap. The visor of the baseball cap is long and provides protection from the sun and allows easier vision. It is a timeless, casual look and will appeal to many demographics.

Urban Snap Back Caps

The snap back cap is named for its plastic strap at the back, which adjusts the diameter of the hat using a ‘snap’ mechanism. The style has been associated with American hip hop of the 80s and 90s, and might appeal to a younger set, especially if the design also includes a flat rim.

Trucker / Mesh Caps

Want to mix things up? A trucker cap, also known as a mesh cap, offers a distinct style from the typical baseball cap. The style is named for the truck drivers who opted for this design, as it offered greater breathability than a cotton hat, and provided comfort in a hot environment. The trucker cap features a taller front, made from an alternative material like polyester. The back half of the cap is made from a mesh fabric which also allows more airflow. This design tends to be cheaper, and is ideal for more stationary activity in a warmer environment.

Sports Cap

A variation on the mesh cap, a polymesh sports cap features the tight fit of a baseball cap with the lighter material of a trucker cap. This design would be an ideal promotional item at an outdoors event, or a particularly athletic group of recipients.