Types of Embroidery on Caps | Australia

Regular EmbroideryThe most popular decoration for branding caps is embroidery. With embroidery your logo or image is applied to your customised headwear using needle and thread. Using thread to create logos and images will provide a durable branding result as well as an interesting visual texture to your cap.

There are several different types of embroidery that you may employ for your design. You can use different styles together on the same cap, or make it as simplistic as you wish. The embroidered style works best for simple, striking text and logos.

  • Flat embroidery

The most popular and cost efficient way to brand a cap is through Flat embroidery. Flat embroidery can accommodate for more complex lettering, offering more variations of spacing and sizes than 3D embroidery. You can still feel the thread, but as it takes up less space it is easier to accommodate longer words or phrases. We embroider caps using this method via a computer controlled sewing machine that will accurately reproduce your logo or graphic on a cap.

  • 3 Dimensional Embroidery

Three dimensional embroidery or 3D embroidery emerges from the surface of the cap and has the most dramatic texture. Your text or logo is not only highly visible but can be felt in contrast to the panels where it is stitched. Decorating a cap using this effect can literally enable your logo to pop up from the surface of a cap by up to 5millimetres. 3D embroidery is thicker and takes up more space on the cap and is best used for small amounts of lettering making a bold impact. This type of decoration is the most expensive and time consuming method when embroidering caps.

  • Embroidered badges

Embroidery badges are best used for logos – they may feature banners, text, and a wide range of colours. They are sewn separately to a custom design and are then stitched to the cap or heat transfered via an adhesive. These tend to be more intricate due to their smaller size.

Cap Locations for Embroidery

The most popular location for embroidering on caps is on the front forehead area above the peak. Other popular branding locations include, the back of the cap as well as the side of the caps on both the left hand side and right hand side locations.