What are Embroidered Branded Caps?

Peak EmbroideryThe most popular way to personalise a cap is through the use of embroidery. Embroidery utilizes coloured thread which is threaded into the fabric on a cap to create logos, graphics and images.

Computer Controlled Embroidery

Our modern embroidery machines enables a computer controlled embroidery system which controls a sewing machine to decorate onto a promotional cap. The cap to be embroidered is pulled taught, and sewing needles automatically create a pre-programmed image on the cloth of a cap. Depending on the type of machine being used, this can be a single needle putting in one colour at a time, or a number of needles all working together to create a colourful design.

Your Design Embroidered on a Personalised Cap

Embroidery is a great way to put your company, school, sporting group or any sort of logo onto a cap. Because the design is literally sewn into the fabric, it can't wash or wear off. It will last for literally as long as the cap is in use. With computer controlled stitching and a whole rainbow of threads to choose from, there is no limit on the sorts of designs you can make. Embroidery on the peak of the cap or the front of the crown is traditional and effective, but some caps can be embroidered elsewhere for a really unique look. Check out our product pages and ask our friendly sales staff!

Traditional Embroidery

Embroidery is the ancient art of making pictures and other designs in fabric by sewing coloured threads through it. Archaeologists have found examples of embroidered cloth dating back two and a half thousand years! Traditionally a handicraft confined to a handful of skilled tradespeople, in recent years there have been huge advances in computer-controlled automatic embroidery. This makes embroidery of large batches of caps quick and affordable. The wide range of bright coloured threads available makes this a great option for getting multicoloured designs on your custom promotional hat.