What is a 3dimensional Peak Branding of a cap?

A unique style of custom branding a promotional cap is by the use of branding using the area between the peak of a cap.

This sort of branding is specific for the peak or bill of your cap. The peak is basically 'sandwiched' between different colour layers, possibly including a coloured rubber layer. This means that the peak will be quite thick and the edge will be a different colour to the top and bottom of the peak. This creates a subtle but unmistakeable effect that is as effective as it is unusual.

3D Sandwich Peak Caps and Your Brand

With a 3D sandwiched cap, you can put a simple design on the brim of the peak -- even spell out words! While the process is a little expensive, it adds a new way to put your message on a branded cap. It's particularly useful when the cap will be worn by front-facing staff, allowing the message to be clearly seen by the public. This is a little-known technique and not widely used -- so it's a great way to make your custom printed caps stand out from all the rest.