Are your Caps covered by Warranty?

What our Warranty Covers

Factory Warranty

In the unlikely event that your caps or hats arrive in an unusable condition due to some flaw in the manufacturing process, please contact us immediately. We will arrange the replacement of whatever portion of your order is affected. This warranty covers you if the product you receive is substantially different from that which you ordered, but be advised that some slight variation may occur.

Printing/Branding Warranty

Should your hats or caps arrived with the branding substantially different from what was agreed, then please contact us as soon as possible so we can arrange the return and replacement of the hats. Again, be aware that slight variations may occur in colour and sizing.

What Our Warranty does not cover

Change of Mind

We are unable to refund, replace or accept the return of any items if you should reconsider your decision after finalising your order. For this reason, we advise considering your order carefully before finalising.

Damage Incurred in Normal Use

Under no circumstances are our products covered by warranty should they arrive in good order but become damaged in the course of regular use. This policy applies regardless of whether that damage is accidental or deliberate.

Damage in Transit

We contract freight to a third party company. For this reason, we are not able to assume direct liability for any damage that occurs during the delivery process. Should your caps be damaged in transit, we will take the matter to our freight contractors on your behalf, but we are unable to accept responsibility for the outcome of their compensation processes.

Australian Law

This warranty acts in addition to your existing legal protections under Australian consumer law. If a problem should arise which is not covered by this warranty but which is covered by that consumer law, then we will comply with our legal requirements.