What are Woven Badged Promotional Caps

Promotional caps may be decorated with your graphics or logos using a method called Woven Badges. A woven badge is an attractive and effective way to personalise headwear.

A woven badge is superior when it comes to more complex, multicoloured images. These badges are made of starched, pre-stretched material onto which we transfer your logo or branded image using sublimation printing. This is a technique similar to the one used to print photographs onto drivers licences, due to its low cost and high-quality colour reproduction.

A Printed Badge is Seperately Sewn on the Cap

These printed badges are then sewn to the peak or crown of the cap of your choice and shipped to your door with a two-week turnaround from approval of artwork.

Attractive Custom Cap Decoration

Woven badges offer a contemporary design, with enough versatility for complicated or multi-shaded designs. These badges come in a huge variety of sizes, so you can find the one that best suits your brand.

Whether a small detail or a huge feature, these colourful woven badges are just what you need to make your caps attract eyes and draw attention.