Cheap Promotional Caps

Buy promotional caps at low cheap prices and let our expert team decorate your graphics or logos onto the caps. Our cheap caps are perfect for those events where your budget is limited. All the caps within this category are quality items with good fabric and good stitching throughout the headwear.

Branding Guarantee

We guarantee crisp prints and accurate embroidery for all custom branded caps that we produce for your event or organisation.

Quick Delivery Australia Wide: Direct to your Event

Caps Embroidered with your Graphics

We supply these caps complete with decoration of your logo via a standard 6k stitch count embroidery decoration. A 6000 stitch count is enough for most types of logos. If you have a large logo or have a complicated image you would like imprinted, please ask us for a quote. Alternatively to save even more money, ask about having your caps screen printed with your graphics.

Bulk Buy Caps & Save

Here at discount caps, we are the bulk purchasing experts when it comes to cheap promotional caps. We are easily the best value in Australia and you can save more by buying in bulk quanitites. Save heaps of money by buying both the cap and the branding decoration through us.

3 Ways To Wear Your Promotional Cap

There are three fun ways to wear a cap.

  1. The most popular, traditional way to wear a cap is to simply wear the cap with the peak in front of your head. The cap simply slides all the way down to the middle of your forehead for a regular fit and look
  2. The second way to wear your cap is to have the peak of the cap turned right around so that it is on the back of your head. Wearing your cap in such a method does not protect your eyes from the sun, though. However, it is a stylish way to wear a cap in the right circumstances.
  3. The third way to wear your cap, is to have the peak of the cap turned so that it on the side of your head, on either the left or the right.

What is a Cheap Promotional Cap?

A cheap promotional cap is worn on the head. It features a curved rounded shaped that is attached to a peak. The peak is designed in such a way to allow the wearer sun protection.

This specific range of caps is aimed at clients who are after cheap, low-cost headwear items for their event. This budget range of caps are quality pieces of headwear, which features, lighter materials and fabrics.