Branded caps are essential for any team activity. Hats create uniformity, are practical, and can promote your brand. Here are our favourite caps for team activities.

Canvas Cricket Hats

Check out these sweet canvas cricket hats for your next day in the sun. These cricket hats are made from high-quality canvas and are designed to shield the user's face and neck from the sun. This is perfect when you are playing cricket for long hours in the middle of the day. This hat is also great for creating uniformity in your team. Get it emblazoned with your brand today!

Promotional Cotton Sports Caps

These multipurpose promotional cotton sports caps are great for any team activity. They are even great for work events as a nice gift to your staff or employees. The hats are made from brushed cotton with air-flow meshes for breathability. Wear this hat all day round and get your brand the attention it deserves.

Personalised Marathon Caps

Many marathons are team activities, so it is important to be able to identify your teammates. These personalised marathon hats are a great way to highlight who is in your team whilst promoting your brand. These marathon caps feature a six-panel design with a mesh build. The marathon athletes will get a stylish and comfortable hat whilst your brand gets promoted!