In Australia, we’re often more concerned about keeping the sun out of our eyes than keeping our heads warm. That means that when you’re thinking about promotional headgear, there’s a real tendency to look mainly at warm weather caps and hats. But Australia's a big country, and hats that make great promotions on a sunny day in Brisbane aren't quite as useful on a rainy Melbourne morning. And if your organisation is based in Hobart or the Snowy Mountains, a winter hat might well be your best option.

Warm Hats

There's a common myth that most of your body heat is lost through the top of your head. That's been found to be untrue, and you really only lose 10% of your heat that way. But while that story might not be true, it is true that there's nothing as comfortable on a chilly morning as a nice warm hat. There’s a whole range of hats suitable for cold weather. Winter caps are made of a flexible, stretchable material such as wool or fleece. These fit snuggly over the head, which means that wet weather they can be worn under a hood. Other warm hats are made of a less flexible material and feature a brim, making them more immediately water resistant than woolly caps.

Rain Caps

Let’s face it, if you live on the coast in the rainier months, you’re not likely to walk outside wearing a baseball cap or a sun visor. Even straw hats are useless in the rain. What you need is something water resistant at the very least, and ideally with a nice brim to keep the rain off your face.

All Weather Hats

Another good option, particularly for uniforms, are all-weather hats. Typically heavier than caps and lighter than woollen caps, all-weather hats are great for year-round wear. With an insulating cloth crown and a wide brim, they combine warmth with sun protection. They might not stand up to a torrential Sydney downpour, but they're good for most days from the height of summer to the depths of winter.

Branded caps

Whatever cap is right for your organisational needs and local weather, it's a good idea to have your logo printed, embroidered or badged onto it. After all, even in bad weather, a cap is a great way to ensure visibility.