Beanies are the perfect headwear to keep warm during winter. Not only are they stylish and comfortable but beanies offer a fantastic means of mobile marketing. Just imagine everyone walking around with a beanie that has your name on it! But it is important to choose the right material, especially if you expect your clients, employees, friends or even family to wear these beanies throughout winter. If you are unsure which beanie material to go for, here is a quick rundown of the properties of our three most popular materials.

Acrylic Custom Beanies

Acrylic promotional beanies are knitted from 100% acrylic ribbed synthetic fibres. These beanies are designed to retain heat whilst feeling natural and soft. Acrylic material is easily fabricated and shaped, allowing for unique designs to complement your custom logo or brand. This material retains its shape, holds its colour, is lightweight and is relatively resistant to stains and wrinkles. The acrylic material can be washed by hand or via machine on a gentle spin with warm or cool water. This is a classic material for beanie production and one that is sure to have your brand noticed.

Logo Branded Wool Beanies

Wool is a traditional material that is used in many other winter clothes alongside corporate beanies. Due to its water-resistant nature, wool is able to wick away moisture ensuring that you are kept warm and dry during the cold season. Moreover, woollen fibres enable breathability to eliminate perspiration. Its natural production also makes it feel soft on the skin. These outstanding properties make wool a prime candidate for customisability to effectively highlight your brand.

Blended Fibre Corporate Beanies

For a unique approach, we suggest taking the best properties of both acrylic and wool materials and opting for a blended fibre custom beanie. Both materials are ideal for winter and combining the two enhances fibre stability and insulation. This means extra warmth for you, less sweating, breathable quality and a lightweight beanie you can wear throughout the day. Coupled with your unique brand, blended fibre beanies are sure to take your brand to the next level and provide you with an extremely beneficial marketing campaign this winter.