Promotional hats are an effective and easy way to promote your brand. But it is important that you provide caps that are breathable and comfortable – and nothing achieves this like cotton. Here are our top promotional hats made from cotton.

Printed Square 5 panel Caps

This sleek printed square 5-panel cap is guaranteed to turn heads. It is made from fine cotton twill, giving it superb comfort and breathability. The hat features a large surface area at the front for your unique brand or logo. It also has a twin-hole plastic snap so that it can adjust to almost any head size. Get this product emblazoned with your name and have people literally wear your brand all day long. 

Branded Sun Protection High Vis Cap

Bring back the fun in the sun with this branded sun protection high vis cap. This hat looks like a regular cap but has a large neck flag. This is designed to protect your neck from getting burnt from the sun. It is made from cotton and features a distinct pre-curved peak. Get this hate decorated with your logo for easy and effective promotion!

Printed High Vis Bucket Hat

This unique printed high vis bucket hat will be the centre of attention all year round. This premium cotton wide brim hat comes in a variety of fluoro colours and features a snazzy chinstrap. These hats are great for those who want to protect their face, neck and shoulders from the sun and heat. You can comfortably stay outside with this sweet hat. This makes for a great gift so get it customised with your brand today