We hear a lot about the use of custom caps as uniforms for events and businesses, but less is said about the value of branded caps as promotional swag. Today we're checking out three reasons why your next piece of marketing merchandise should be a custom hat.

3. They're a Wearable Billboard

Unlike smaller giveaway items like pens or keyrings, promotional caps are eye-catching objects that draw attention from passers-by in almost every situation. This owes to the fact that caps have their advertising front and centre, they're almost like billboards your recipients can wear. The best part is that if your logo is interesting enough or your event memorable enough, your clients will want to wear your brand caps for years to come -- talk about value for a single, bulk investment!

2. They're Affordable (But High Value)

Often wearables are shrugged off as promotional products simply because they're perceived to be a costly investment. While yes, there are some premium options for those seeking corporate gifts, there's an extensive range of modest items like caps that look incredible but cost well under $10 per unit! Because caps are so heavily linked with street fashion, they are perceived as being desirable and costly even when they're more affordable. Capitalise on that perception and get people wearing your brand everywhere they go with our cheap promotional caps!

1. They're Reusable

These days with everyone becoming conscious of their environmental impact, finding promotional products that will be reused rather than disposed of after an event is truly important for a good number of organisations. Personalised caps are made from quality materials (both natural, artificial, and blends depending on the headwear) and can last for many years if taken care of well. Simply wipe down or hand-wash your cap with warm (not hot) lightly soapy water.

Consider the environment with your next marketing campaign and grab these cost-effective, highly appealing, and long-term use pieces of headwear today!